Is your body INFORMED on texting?

Is your body INFORMED on texting?

We all have seen our body while texting, but do you really know what does it do to you, and your energy level?

According to Pew Research Center 90% of Americans own cell phone, that’s a BIG NUMBER, right? But why do I care?

Because it means that when the 90% is being on the phone texting, surfing the websites, checking the social media they become one “unhealthy pretzel”. Yes, you heard me, one unhealthy curved like “C” pretzel.
I am not saying stop texting and using your phone, but I would like you to be aware of few examples of texting physical downsides to your body and energy.

  1. Arching neck & weak back – head down posture has not helped anyone to stay out of back pain. It puts a lot of pressure on the upper spine. It contributes to “C” like spine angle all the way down to your lower back. Have you thought how heavy your head is? It is somewhere between 10—12lbs so to tilt it forward without expecting any damage to be done to your back is silly. When you bent forward, your head exerts pressure up to 60lbs at 60 degrees angle. The easy fix would be holding your head up with your cell phone on an eye level, but that’s unfortunately not always so easy to cue yourself on. Well another option is to stretch & strengthen your body parts that contribute to “C” like spine with head forward (for how to get rid of your back pain please check
  1. Breathing issues with tight chest– I see this with new clients quite frequently. They “curl” head forward and put a lot of pressure on sternum, and chest as they round their shoulders. That also contributes to their ribs not being able to move correctly during breathing to allow their heart and lungs to expend properly.
  1. Thumb Issues – yes while we text we use thumbs, but then we simply think that they will be ok, and don’t need any nurturing to recover from that constant pushing and pressing. Well, think twice, as that constant texting not only leads into repetitive stress injuries such as tendinitis or carpal tunnel syndrome, but also when you use your thumbs you are constantly utilizing muscles along Front Deep & Superficial Fascia Lines. What does it mean to you?

You need to stretch the upper limbs from your fingertips all the way to your chest. If you don’t you may suffer grip strength, and or range of motion, which will lead to losing strength anyhow as tight joints are simply weaker joints.

Please pay attention to your body during & after texting, as it can contribute to unnecessary health & posture challenges. For more information on how to stretch your upper & lower body to avoid any issues, please visit