Fascia Training with Core Boot

Patented Fascial Training & Rehab Tool

Core Boot is an innovative all-in-one training & rehab tool considered by sports medicine doctors as “nutrition for the ankle joint” – the gateway to your nervous & myofascial system.

What Is Core Boot
What Does Core Boot Do
Why Use Core Boot
When To Use Core Boot
Core Boot is a patented innovative fascial training & rehab tool. Core boot is great for sensory-based training. It releases tension, and increases ankle mobility and dynamic stability while emphasizing neurovascular and myofascial (muscles & fascia) systems health. It was created to bring more awareness to fascial fitness.
  • Address arterial and fascial tension, starting with the feet.
  • Trains your fascia (fascial fitness) & keeps your connective tissues healthy
  • Supports oxygenation & blood flow to soft tissues.
  • Rehydrates heel and activates plantar fascia to improve loading patterns & biomechanics.
  • Improves ankle mobility & dynamic stability.
  • Enhances body awareness in space – critical for safety & athletic performance.
  • Core Boot online classes are based on Anatomy Trains Concept.
  • Everyone needs to incorporate fascial fitness to their training to keep the body strong & pliable. Solo muscle-focused training is out. The best athletes, strength coaches & therapists incorporate fascial workout to prevent connective tissues injuries.
  • Feet are the foundation of every movement & the gateway to our neurovascular & myofascial systems.
  • This critical web of fascia, arteries, and nerves frequently is the source of many persistent movement restrictions, emotional blockages, and recurring injuries.
  • Arterial flow in your lower leg is essential for your muscle function, connective tissues, and heart health. Therefore, keeping the glide between your muscles & fascia is critical for ankle mobility so the calf muscles can contract and effectively pump venous blood back toward your heart. When you look at Anatomy Trains by Tom Myers, you will see that the superficial front line (SFL), the superficial back line (SBL), the lateral line (LL), the spiral line ( SL), and deep from line (DFL) – all start or finish with your feet.
  • Quick fascial workout with Core Boot can be done 3x a week for 10-15 min.
  • If you want to use the core boot as part of your full-body fascial fitness, you can use it on your core strength training days. It will add a great variety of movement patterns, keeping your fascia healthy.
  • In the morning & before bedtime, core boot can be used for quick fascial foot release (5-10 minutes).
  • Before strength training or any physical activity, core boot can be used as an fascial training ankle tool. The two pockets in the core boot allow the myofascial balls to stay in place so you can focus on dorsi or plantarflexion-focused drills (5-10 minutes).
  • You can use core boot after training, game, or traveling, to release fascia tension in the foot, lower leg, hamstrings, hips, chest, back, and neck & to rehydrate the fascia.
  • Core Boot fascial fitness tool, can be used as a core stability training tool when combined with resistance bands, providing a unique multi-dimensional strength experience to every layer of the body. Resistance bands can be anchored to either part of the foot to conveniently adapt the pull region in your fascial training to activate different muscles in the feet (15-30 minutes).

Why Experts Are Already Recommending Core Boot

Loved by Sports Medicine Doctors, Chiropractors, Physical Therapists, Strength & Movement Coaches!

Dr. Robert Schleip
Human Biologist, Psychologist & Expert In Fascia Research

“I have rarely been so inspired by a new fascia-friendly invention! Core Boot’s versatility simulates many movements and loading conditions, which we used to practice as children playing outside, which also our ancestors used when moving through the jungle, and which are so badly lacking in our current sedentary lifestyles. Our research department will be more than happy to examine with state-of-the-art scientific methodology how regular practice of these playful movements influences not only the elasticity and resilience of myofascial tissues in the leg but may also improve the tensional fascial network throughout the whole human body.”

Dr. Samuel Bell

Former Physical Therapist & Athletic Trainer, Baltimore Ravens & Houston Astros

“The Core Boot is an innovative way to efficiently integrate core control with functional strength training. It is a great proprioceptive warmup that encourages multiplanar movements to facilitate the neuromuscular system and reduce the likelihood of injury. I have seen many athletes who are able to excel in pure strength testing. However, they are unable to deliver the power to the ground due to improper fundamentals. Core Boot teaches you how to properly transfer the force that you produce from through your heel and foot directly to the ground rather than being diminished by improper fundamentals. I highly recommend this product for all the athletes that I work with.”

Ken Johnson, PT
Director of Rehab Therapy,Johns Hopkins Sports Medicine

“Core Boot (CB) is an innovative approach to a very familiar problem, weakness in hip and core stabilizers that increase risk of falls, muscle, and joint pain, and impaired mobility. Functional movement and interaction with our environment require proximal limb stabilization. The CB incorporates modified levels of destabilization to appropriately challenge and activate key muscle groups within the core and lower limb that are linked to improvements in balance and function. Whether beginning, building, or pushing your body to go beyond, the CB is a simple solution to help address neuromechanical problems.”

Monique Deluca, PT, DPT, OCS
Board-certified Orthopedic Specialist at John Hopkins Medicine

“I’ve recently gotten using the Core Boot to help treat patients with plantar fasciitis or foot pain, and have found that the unique design of the Core Boot helped improve soft tissue mobility along with improving foot-ankle flexibility. My patients have reported reduced calf tension and foot pain following the use of Core Boot. Additionally, for my own personal use, I’ve found that I’m able to squat deeper and improve weight-bearing through my heels when squatting after using the Core Boot. I’ve noticed a very significant effect. It defiantly made a big impact in a short period of time.”

Dan Palacios
Strength & Conditioning Coach,Kinetic Training

“The CoreBoot is a must-have tool/modality for any and all clients or humans. As a personal trainer to everyday fitness clients and elite professional athletes, I can already see massive benefits to the foot and ankle awareness, strength, mobility, and function of all of my clients. I also personally used to deal with my own plantar fasciitis issues so I’m amply aware of my feet and can already tell with just a few uses of the CoreBoot that the feedback my feet are receiving is resulting in fantastic sensations. Restoring natural function of the foot and ankle for holistic health throughout the entire kinetic chain is critical and the CoreBoot will become my go-to foot and ankle training morality by which to achieve that purpose quickly and efficiently with all of my clients!”

Who Is Core Boot For

Anyone who wants to start incorporating fascial fitness to their movement routine.

If you want hydrated fascia & connective tissues, less muscle soreness, better posture, and live in healthy alignment, where nervous and fascial systems are at the center of it you will love core boot.

You will nourish your fascial body from the ground up.

People With Foot Pain & Problems

Foot pain can stop you from doing the things you love.

Maybe you’ve already tried different solutions like a message gun, reflexology, massage balls, orthotics, and acupuncture, but your foot pain still exists.

Unlike all other mentioned therapies, Core Boot fascial fitness tool does more than help you release the tension in your feet.

Core Boot helps you train your fascia, shift weight effectively to gain a healthy, bouncy gait.

It improves plantar and dorsiflexion to help you activate your hip muscles efficiently and increase glute strength to avoid back pain.

It assists you in building fascia resilience, strength, balance and gaining functional flexibility from the ground up.

You effectively connect feet with your deep core muscles to avoid injuries, including foot problems.


Form follows function, and it starts with your feet.

You want to effectively generate more speed and power from the ground up to avoid injuries across your entire body, you must introduce fascial training to your routine.

With a Core boot, you focus on fascia & connective tissue resilience, decrease leg instabilities, which impact most functional athletic movements. Even simple limited ankle mobility will generate compensations up the chain.

Incorporating Core Boot in your strength training sessions will improve weight shift and ankle mobility to enhance hip & core activation to create multidimensional fascial strength.

With Core Boot, you will practice different loading patterns to support collagen production (type I, II & lll) & connective tissue health.

Core Boot helps you to nourish fascia & connective tissues while improving your athletic performance.


As we age, our collagen and fascia become brittle, unless we incorporate fascial fitness to our week 3x a week, just 10-15 minutes.

When you use the core boot, your feet and lower leg become less stiff and as result your body can gain more strength. When you don’t perform any fascial fitness drills, you affect your body awareness and balance, contributing to less elasticity in your tissues, muscle mass and less circulation – all of which all can increase the risk of tripping, falling down, and other injuries.

Core Boot can help train your fascia, increase your sensory stimulation and body proprioception so you can feel safer and stronger with every step.

You can use Core Boot in a sitting, standing, and laying down position. It is a fun & easy to use fascial fitness & rehab tool to connect your foot-ankle-knee-hip with your core muscles to keep your body stable and healthy from the ground up.

Women In Heels

Do you have a love-hate relationship with heels?

You love how you look in them, yet you hate how your feet & how your back feels after wearing them?

Wearing heels does not need to contribute to more pain.

Core Boot can help you release tension in your feet and the entire body immediately after you wear heels.

Best part is, when you use Core Boot you train fascia, you automatically help your feet & ankles be stronger.

Incorporating Core Boot in your fascial fitness, will increase full-body resilience, starting with your ankles so you can wear heels more confidently and avoid ankle sprain.

Fascial fitness drills with Core Boot will help you connect feet with deep core muscles so you can improve posture and body alignment.

Core Boot will contribute to hydrating your fascial tissue, starting with your heels and plantar fascia so your feet can restore their function quicker.

When you treat your fascial body with Core Boot you enjoy the way you walk, look, and feel daily.

A confident, healthy, and pain-free body starts with your feet.

Yoga & Pilates Enthusiasts

If you are a Yoga, Pilates, or Gyrotonic enthusiast, I know you pay attention to your fascial fitness and form with each move.

I feel you may already have heard how Anatomy Trains emphasize the importance of how feet are linked to your deep fascial core and how they impact your alignment.

Adding Core Boot to your fascial workout will enhance your practice by nourishing your fascia and connective tissues step by step while gently and dynamically creating multidimensional resilience in the body.

The unique loading patterns you can do with core boot, will keep your training sessions more versatile, fun and even more challenging. You will enjoy it.

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2 Myofascial Release Balls

Single Core Boot Kit


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1 Core Boot

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2 Myofascial Release Balls


2 Multifunctional Resistance Bands


1 Mini Resistance Band


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2 Core Boots

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2 Myofascial Release Balls


2 Multifunctional Resistance Bands


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Core Boot Components

Each Core Boot component can be used individually or together for tension and stress release to gain better mobility, dynamic stability, balance, and strength to support your neurovascular and fascial systems.

Watch to learn more about each of the components.

Myofascial Release Balls


The myofascial release balls are perfect for addressing tightness and tension across the entire body.

You can use them by themselves or with Core Boot.


These myofascial release balls were designed explicitly with 2 different surfaces. One half has bumpy nubs for better contact with the skin and targeting deeper layers of connective tissues within the body.

The other half has a smooth surface for those who are more sensitive and need gentle touch before progressing to the bumpy half. This surface was made for better balance & neurovascular flow.


One myofascial release ball holds up to 250 lbs and up to 500 lbs combined.

Core Boot
A patented training and rehab tool to help you treat and train your body at the same time.
Multifunctional Resistance Bands
Multifunctional bands are versatile and highly effective. Their continuous loop design provides multifunctional benefits with a quick change in your hand or foot position.

With special hooks, they can also be connected to Core Boot for a novel and mindful myofascial (muscle & fascia) movements.

These resistance bands can be used for training the lower and upper body, to support the multidimensional strengthening of the entire myofascial system.

  • Made of unique fabric combination to provide a comfortable grip and smooth movement.
  • Machine washable making them the ideal resistance band for home workouts and travel.
Mini Resistance Band
The mini resistance band is versatile and highly effective. It can be used for full-body stability, mobility, and strength.

In combination with the Core Boot, you will gain multi-dimensional strength and endless options of joyful resistance training starting at the ground.

• Made of unique fabric combination to provide a comfortable training experience.

• Machine washable making it the ideal resistance band for at-home workouts and travel.

Shop Core Boot Components

Myofascial Release Balls
Multi-functional Resistance Bands
Mini Band
Ball Pump

Myofascial Release Balls



These myofascial release balls were designed explicitly with 2 different surfaces, essentially offering the benefits of two balls in one.

Multi-functional Resistance Bands


Their continuous loop design provides an easy way to adjust and manipulate resistance. With the hooks on the front and back of the core boot, you can connect each band for mindful functional training. 

Mini Band


The mini band is a versatile training and rehab aid

Ball Pump


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Did You Know?

Most movement restrictions do not come from muscles but the lack of glide or hydration in the fascia. That’s why we need to train fascia and muscles intentionally
If the fascia around your lower leg is tight, you are most likely facing compensations and injuries in your knee, hip, back, shoulder, or neck
When you interrupt feet anatomy, you interrupt how the rest of the body looks, feels, and moves
1 in 2 adults suffers from musculoskeletal pain each year
Orthotics can provide temporary relief, but you almost put your muscles and fascia in kinesthetic amnesia, and it’s not helping you to address the underlying problem
Fascia and nervous system play an essential role in your physical & emotional well-being
Recent studies identified that the prevalence of strain injury in sports is usually not the rapture of muscles (12.7%), or vascular breaking or bone-breaking; it’s typically collagenous connective tissue injury 68.4%

Fascia is a collagenous tissue