Fascia & CardioVascular


Resync Recovery

Plant-Based Reds + Anti-Inflammatory Properties 



We tend to carry & store stress in our body. Addressing inflammation and oxygenation is very important to fascial, and vascular systems.

  • Fascia, just like other systems, likes nitric oxide. Our cardiovascular system cannot function without nitric oxide. As we age, we need to consume plant-based foods that support nitric oxide. 
  • Resync Recovery contains the best quality reds Mother’s Nature offers & the right quantity of them per serving.
  • NO BEETS taste and NO SUGAR! Fascia, like the heart, likes nitric oxide but does not like sugar.
  • Red Spinach provides ≈ 5X’s more plant-based nitrates than red beets alone.
  • Clinically researched & 3rd party tested (NSF Sport Certified)
  • Support healthy inflammatory markers post-physical activity to keep your vascular & fascial systems healthy.
  • Learn more about Resync Recovery here

  • Take 1 scoop with 10-16 oz of hot or cold water
  • Enjoy as a cold or hot tea
  • Add to your daily smoothies, oats, or plain yogurt

Serving Size: 1 Scoop (7.77g)
Number of Servings: 20
Product Weight: 5.5 oz
Storage: Store in a cool, dry area

Dietary Restrictions
Vegan, Plant-based, Keto, Gluten Free, Non-GMO, No Sugar, No Artificial Sweeteners

Hydrolyzed Collagen Peptides

Circulation & Joint Blend 



Support the soft & hard skeleton health - everything from your skin, fascia, down to your bones.

  • Connective tissue repair on every level. Collagen, after water, is the largest component of the fascia system. Yet, collagen alone does not support fascia health. It needs Vit C, Cooper, and other building blocks to synthesize collagen. 
  • Reduce muscle & fascia soreness.
  • Lubricate skin & joints*
  • Clinically researched & 3rd party tested (NSF Sport Certified).

  • Take 1 scoop with 10-16 oz of hot or cold water
  • Enjoy as a cold or hot tea
  • Add to your daily smoothies, oats, or plain yogurt or baked goods

Serving Size: 1 Scoop (7.77g)
Number of Servings: 20
Product Weight: 5.5 oz
Storage: Store in a cool dry area

Dietary Restrictions
Vegan, Plant-based, Keto, Gluten Free, Non GMO, No Sugar, No Artificial Sweeteners


Resync Supplements Are NSF Certified Sport & Guaranteed Banned Substance Free
Under the NSF Certified for Sport® program, every product lot is tested for and guaranteed to be free of over 270+ banned substances, and there are no unsafe levels of contaminants.

Ensure that your supplement is tested, and delivers what it has on the label. All of our ingredients are carefully sourced, tested before, and post-production to ensure quality, and safety with every serving. What’s on the label matches what’s in the product. Nothing else is added.

Functional Recovery Beverage

Sparkling Wildberry Citrus


Resync’s signature reds (red spinach, red beets, & aronia berry)


7g of prebiotic plant fiber


560% the daily value of vitamin C


100% the daily value of B12


80% the daily value of B6


50% the daily value of vitamin D3


Only 15 calories


0G of added sugars


Stimulant & caffeine free

100% Organic Instant Smoothies

Nutritious, Delicious Red Smoothies That Easily Support Your Healthy Habits


1/2 of your daily dose of fruits & veggies with 5g of fiber in every pouch

  • 100% organic ingredients
  • EU certified organic
  • 5 grams of fiber per pouch
  • No refined sugars or added sugar (just natural sugars from the fruits & veggies)
  • No artificial additives
  • Easy to mix with water and milk or add to your favorite protein

15 Servings – 5 of Each Smoothie Variety

30 Servings – 10 of Each Smoothie Variety 

Tart Reds Ingredients

Tart Reds are based on less sweet organic berries and provide 70% of your daily needs of Vitamin C.

 This smoothie delivers additional essential vitamins and minerals & it’s a perfect choice whether you’re an athlete looking to optimize your performance or anyone who is looking for a tasty way to boost overall health.

  • 33 Blackcurrants
  • 11 Raspberries
  • 1/2 Beetroot
  • 1/10 Carrot
  • .5g Ginger
  • 2.5g Aronia Berry Fiber 
Berry Reds Ingredients

Berry Reds are based on deep red organic fruits & veggies that are not always easily accessible, yet incredibly nutritious.

The polyphenol antioxidants in aronia berries, wild blueberries, strawberries, and ginger support your immune, gut, and heart health.

 Fiber from Aronia and the other plants additionally provide support for the gut-heart axis, while ginger has its own anti-inflammatory benefits.

  • 47 Wild Blueberries
  • 8 Aronia Berries
  • 5 Strawberries 
  • 1/4 Banana
  • .5g Ginger
  • 1/14 Carrot
  • 2.5g Aronia Berry Fiber 


Earthy Reds Ingredients

Experience the power of earthy flavor coming purely from the nutritious medley of red superfoods like rhubarb, hibiscus, and beets. The raspberries, mango, and banana provide additional nutritional value and organic sweetness to make sure you enjoy it with each sip.

 Aronia berry fiber and the other plants provide a foundation for gut and heart health.

 The Earthy Reds 100% Organic Instant Smoothie is the perfect choice for anyone who prefers a less sweet taste and appreciates quality, healthy ingredients.

  • 3/5 Stalks of Rhubarb
  • 9 Raspberries
  • 1/2g Hibiscus
  • 1/5 Beetroot
  • 1/6 Mango
  • 1/3 Banana
  • 2.5g Aronia Berry Fiber 

Learn more about Resync & the science behind, visit ResyncProducts.com