When Mindful Self-Care & Mindset Coaching Come Together, Breakthroughs Follow.


Recovery from my injury became the beginning of my resilience story. Coming to the US in my early 20s taught me incredibly valuable lessons that propelled me to become an executive and also motivated me to create a mindful self-care coaching system to help high-performers avoid burnout and enjoy their successful endeavors.

I found that quite often, our goals get us sidetracked to the point that our bodies and personal lives suffer.

With my coaching support, your priorities do not change. Your strategy does.

Staying healthy and emotionally fulfilled during the success journey is what separates the best from the rest.

Isn’t life and success all about relationships? And the one we have with ourselves is the most important one.

As your coach, I believe you have everything within you to succeed. I love bringing out the best in people. My intention is to help you exceed your expectations.

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Consistent mindful self-care is essential to develop resilience and perseverance – a solid foundation for long-term success.

I had the opportunity to recognize how, even on the highest level, the minds of some of the best professional athletes and executives were filled with hidden blockages and limiting beliefs that impacted them physically and were stopping them from bigger success.

You deserve this support.