Take 5 minutes to open up your body, and to release the tension penetrating around your spine. Be more conscious about letting the stress go, and allow some oxygen into your body. The biological fabric – FASCIA needs to flow freely through your body, to let you move pain free. To make the body motion easy and relaxing throughout the day, start with stretching the Superficial Back Fascia Line.

It is one of 12 fascia lines in your body. It starts from the bottom of your foot, and it is connected all the way up to your eyebrows. It is “ON” most of the day, and it keeps you away from collapsing forward into fetal posture.

This routine not only allows you to stretch your back superficial fascia line including back muscles, and hamstrings, but it also includes other muscles, like your gluteal muscles, hip rotators which are part of other fascia lines, and can contribute to lower back pain.

Fall into category of HEALTHY people, who want to start the day with ease, and smile on their back.


Enjoy it, and I am looking forward to assisting you to bring the JOY to your body.