Life is movement and relationship we create between our mind-body.

I had the opportunity to recognize how even on the highest level, the bodies of some of the best professional athletes and executives were filled with stress, pain, unresolved trauma, and overcompensated tissues that impacted them personally & professionally.

My mission is to help you – connect with your mind-body’s needs.

I want nothing more than to see you succeed and help you feel your best while going after your dreams.

I want to share with you a few words about the inner richness, trust of listening and then letting go.

As an 8-year-old gymnast, I dislocated my elbow during a warm-up which didn’t allow me to ever compete in that sport again. I underwent two surgeries due to the doctor’s negligence in leaving the bones in a misplaced position for over two weeks. 

A pool of clotted blood accumulated and grew underneath the cast, causing excruciating pain. The large hematoma was blocking a main artery, cutting off blood flow to my heart.

I learned at a young age to listen and trust my body when it communicates with me, as I was told that if this went untreated for another 24 hours, I would have been gone. 

Little did I know that vascular blockage and fascial scar tissue started to create emotional and physical compensatory patterns, and it was the beginning of my “trauma body” journey. 

When I started to resolve the pain, anger, and resentment stored in my body, layer by layer, my mission became centered around bringing awareness and change to fascial & neurovascular systems at the highest professional level of performance as they are neglected yet responsible for ongoing anger, injuries, and lack of energy throughout the body.

Fascia is my passion. 

By working with some of the best professional athletes and executives in the world, I recognized how their bodies, just like mine, were filled with stress, pain, unresolved trauma, and overcompensated tissues that impacted them emotionally & physically. 

That’s why at Resync Your Body, you will focus on the most critical systems that shape your body, control your thoughts, emotions, heart rate, digestion, and every step you take – your well-being. 

 I want nothing more than to bring harmony to your mind-body connection. 

 I am excited to have you here. 

Systems that shape your body, control your emotions, heart rate, & digestion…

You are a body of fluids that must move continuously.
Your fluids are essential to every organ in your body, from your skin, brain, heart, liver, and everything in between, deep down to your bones.

Good circulation is essential for your muscle optimal health, ensuring that your heart stays healthy, your brain stays sharp, your skin naturally glows, and every organ underneath it functions efficiently. And fascia surrounds and connects it all.

Fascia protects and also supports your nerves, organs, blood vessels, joints, and the lymphatic system, and by doing so, it promotes movement and communication.

There are functional consequences to the neural and vascular system, when your fascial tissue is altered, by injury, for example:

Your fascia is richly innervated...

Your fascia is richly innervated. It has more nerve endings than your skin or your eyes. Fascia is the most sensory-rich organ in your body. That’s just one of many reasons you need to genuinely care for your fascial system emotionally, physically, and nutritionally. 

Did you know that most movement restrictions...
Did you know that most movement restrictions come from the lack of glide or hydration in the fascia tissue? Yes, the most sensory-rich system is frequently the reason your body is “stuck”.


Fascia plays an important role in vascular regulation in the lower leg...
Fascia plays an important role in vascular regulation in the lower leg, as the authors of Fascia and Circulatory System chapter in Fascia, Function, and Medical Applications shared with us.

That’s why every movement protocol pays attention to your feet and lower leg first.

Most injuries are damage to the collagenous soft tissues...

Most injuries are damage to the collagenous soft tissues, like fascia, not your muscle. Yes, muscle strength matters, but muscles without fascia don’t exist. Fascia has different physiological properties than muscles. Therefore, it needs to be trained and nurtured differently. Knowing how to take care of fascia is key to your muscle health. Fascia also requires specific nutritional care.



Take A Step Closer To The Mind-Body You Want To Live In 




Baltimore Ravens Bodies Recover With Barbara Depta

As the Ravens prepare for their final regular-season game, their bodies are tired and sore.

This is especially the time of year that Barbara Depta can pay dividends.

Depta is a flexibility and mobility coach, certified nutrition specialist, and strength coach. What she really specializes in is fascia stretching, which heals tissues and speeds up rehabilitation.

She has been working with the Ravens since training camp and will have the task of rejuvenating the Ravens’ bodies and minds before they face the Cleveland Browns this Sunday with the playoffs on the line.

“The fascia system reacts to all stress – physical, mental, and emotional,” Depta said. “It gets tighter if it is not treated, and a player’s overall functionality deteriorates. It is essential for physical and mental recovery.”



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