So Happy Together

So Happy Together

It is probably not a secret to you that a wide range of minerals and vitamins are essential for our optimum health. But did you know that certain vitamins and minerals work together while others work against one another? Some of them create healthy team, some not so much. It is just like in relationships, you will not make a happy couple with whomever you meet, right? 🙂

As you may have heard some food duos do more than just excite your mind—they could boost your health. It’s a concept called “food synergy”, which I compare to “couples synergy”. 🙂

Minerals and vitamins have a role in nearly every bodily function, from building healthy bones, to energy production, and strengthening the immune system. They are just like your significant other, they can add energy to your day, make you happier, and give you support all day long.

I like to think of my husband as my perfect vitamin match. He is like that chocolate that absorbs well with raisins.

Yes, I am the raisin in this equation, and l want to keep it that way 🙂

The concept of nutrient synergy maximizes our health benefits of micronutrients because of the discovery researches made, that they work best in “teams”, just like you and your partner make a HEALTHY TEAM.

These couple of examples below can give you an idea what to combine together when cooking or eating out.

I bet you haven’t thought what vitamin your boyfriend, fiancée, or husband can stand for, right? I believe it is an interesting way to look at your relationship.

Are you the perfect match made in heaven, like an iron & vitamin C that absorb better when taken together, I hope that is the case. J

As I am at the football training camp, I decided to ask few of the coaches, and athletes that question:

“If you could compare yourself, and your partenr to some food combo, what would it be”?

And here is what one of them said to me:

”I am a street eater, and my wife is very sophisticated…”

So, I asked, “Would you say that you are like truffle fries”?

He said: “YES, that’s PERFECT!”

Well that’s a pretty unhealthy combo but I got his point.

Then, another player said to me: “ I think I am like a steak, and my fiancée is like my broccoli”, I asked “ does it mean you are the head of the family, and she is that healthy supporter”?

He replied: “Yes”. And that combo is actually well taken by the body, as the iron from stake absorbs so much better with the Vitamin C from the broccoli.

I think I am a nutrient obsessed person, who likes to take advantage of the synergies my meals create, just like me, and my husband fulfill each other needs.

We are not necessarily like peanut butter and jelly, but we are more like green tea, and lemon. I like to dissolve in his arms just like that lemon in a tea. Just like the ascorbic acid in citrus fruits, lemons helps the body better absorb the antioxidant – catechin, found in green tea.

My husband is also my spice in life, just like a cinnamon in my post workout shake, yummy!!! 🙂

It is fun to think what really connects you together, how he/she makes you feel, and what energy do you bring into your relationship.

Take advantage of the food synergies while you cook, or eat out.

Here are just few examples:

  • Tomato sauce and spinach = Iron absorbs better with Vitamin C.
  • Tomato sauce and olive oil = tomatoes are rich in lycopene, a powerful phytochemical, but needs fat to be absorbed.
  • Avocado & greens = good avocado helps the body absorb phytochemicals from leafy greens.
  • Broccoli & Steak = Vitamin C in broccoli helps the body absorb the heme iron found in meat.
  • Spinach + Tofu = Vitamin K in spinach helps the body absorb the calcium in tofu.
  • Raisins + dark chocolate = the boron in raisins helps the body absorb more magnesium from chocolate
  • Brussels sprouts + olive oil = Vitamin K is a fat-soluble vitamin, meaning it’s best absorbed in a meal that contains healthy fat. That’s where the olive oil comes in.

It is pretty simple when you think about that, no single nutrient is likely to work as well, as a diet rich in vitamins. Just like your life, may not be as FUN, and filled with JOY without your significant other.

I hope you enjoyed it. Take a moment and think of what meal comes to your mind when you think about the 2 of you.

An optimum intake of vitamins, minerals, and other essential nutrients is the key to achieving optimum health. And remember they are as important to your well being, as your significant other is. Who not only should bring support to your life, but also energy, just like that morning cup of coffee. 🙂