Live, laugh, cry & MOVE more during the Christmas time so you release stress and bring more positive energy to your life!
Have you thought that exercise can prompt emotional release?
Yes, it can trigger a release of your frustrations, anger, sadness and anything else happening before busy Christmas time.
Have you thought what can really cause those outpourings, and what your body may be telling you, before this magical time of year?
Why don’t you stop for a few seconds? Take a deep inhale, and then exhale, and repeat several times. As you inhale, put your hands on your belly and push your belly out, just to make sure you breathe deeply.
A shallow breathing pattern doesn’t allow us to increase oxygen in the most important part of our body – THE CORE, and DIAPHRAGM included. Thus your body can simultaneously increase ENERGY from the center of your body.
Maybe, at some point today, you may be able to feel the endorphin high associated with intense exercise, and I encourage you to do so, as there’s plenty of research showing how exercise can improve mood, relieve depression, reduce anxiety and, of course, increase your ENERGY as you approach the holiday season.
I suggest you embrace the holiday season and all of its experiences. Use them to gain insights about yourself and those around and feel greater self-compassion.
It really doesn’t matter if you are a yogi, weightlifter, or a runner. Allow emotional release to take place during any movement you perform, and take you by surprise. The key is to permit yourself to experience the movement, rather than count the reps or rush through it.
Take your time and enjoy it, as there is evidence suggesting that rhythmic exercise can have a calming effect on the cortical areas of your brain. If you truly think about it, the type of exercise you do is not as important as the intention, and state of mind your bring to the activity. It is the same in any conversation you have with your spouse, either you are present and have the intention to grow together, or you are just going through the motions. It is your choice. Make the right choice and exercise not only your muscles, but your whole self ☺