Myofascial Release Balls



Beyond Stretch, myofascial massage balls are perfect for releasing tension and tightness across your myofascial connections. There are no other massage balls on the market with the pliability that allow you to stand on them without discomfort and perform functional training. These massage balls were designed to be used alone or with Core Boot to increase flexibility and stability.


One Beyond Stretch myofascial massage ball holds up to 250lbs and up to 500 lbs combined.


Beyond Stretch Myofascial  Balls were designed explicitly with 2 different surfaces. One half has bumpy nubs for better contact with the skin and targeting deeper layers of connective tissues within the body.

The other half has a smooth surface for those who are more sensitive and need gentle touch before progressing to the bumpy half. This surface was made for better balance.

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Weight 1.5 lbs


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