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Rehydrate Your Fascia

To Move With Ease

Did you know that Fascia is the hidden hydration system underneath the skin?

Drinking water & taking electrolytes is not enough to hydrate your body.

It’s the amount of water your fascia absorbs and distributes to every cell, tissue, and system that matters.


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#2 fascia movement exercises
#3 fascia movement exercises
#4 fascia movement exercises
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Barbara Depta – A Thought Leader For Fascia Health & Recovery

With a proven record of supporting legendary athletes’ bodies, I am a compassionate coach looking forward to serving those who desire to achieve the highest levels of greatness while creating the body they want to live in and feel their best.

In 2010, I became a thought leader for Fascia for many pro athletes from PGA, NFL, MLB, NHL, and MMA. Staying healthy and fulfilled during the success journey separates the best from the rest.

Fascia is my passion & I am here to help you create the body you perform your best in. 

My life and professional experiences allow me to offer a wide range of coaching services to help you keep your fascial mind-body connection healthy so you can feel your best while reaching your full performance potential.

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“When you feel good, you make better decisions. When you feel good, you connect better with yourself and others. When your fascial system is dehydrated, it stops you from feeling good” 

– Barbara Depta

What You Get With This Program:

30 Routines That Focus On Fascia Recovery & Hydration

You will receive 7-15-minute routines intentionally choreographed starting from the ground up to help you enhance fluid flow throughout the entire body to hydrate every cell, organ, tendon, ligament, and muscle.

Drinking water and taking electrolytes is not enough to keep your body hydrated.

It’s the amount of water your fascia can absorb and distribute to surrounding tissues and systems that matters the most.

To ensure that your tissues are optimized to absorb and hold onto the water you drink, add this program to your daily routine to feel your absolute best.

You will gain versatile, easy-to-follow movement interplays to release tension and rehydrate your tissues – along the neck, chest, shoulders, wrists, hips, lower back, and down to your feet.

What may surprise you?

Not only will you feel more fluid in your movement, providing a better range of motion and strength, but you will also feel calm and composed as some of the fascia routines focus on your vagus nerve activation. Every day, you access and connect with different layers of your body to feel your best.

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Bonus You Receive With This Program:

Exclusive Upper Body Routines That Focus On:

✔️ Vagus Nerve
✔️ Fascia Release
✔️ Neurovascular Release

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What if I still have questions?

You can contact our Customer Service or email us at Info@resyncyourbody.com